10 Year Structural Warranty

All decks built by Add A Dek are constructed in accordance with the guidelines and standards as set down in the Building Code of Australia and Industry Best Practice. The standard structural warranty on new constructions in Queensland is 6 years and 6 months. At Add A Dek, we have such confidence in our workmanship and the quality of the building products we use that we have extended the structural warranty on all of our timber decks to 10 years.

This warranty covers structural defects. For further information or to obtain a copy of the Standards & Tolerances Guide, visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website.


If you have any issues or concerns at any time, call us on 07 5549 1636.

Owners Obligations

Once your project is complete, the care and maintenance of your new living space is in your hands. Timber Deck Care is of great importance. Your warranty depends on you providing basic care and maintenance as follows:

Timber is Prone to Shrinkage Over Time

This is expected and is perfectly normal. Once per year as part of your timber deck care, carry out a visual inspection of the fixings and tighten any nuts that have loosened. A quick yearly tighten up can help ensure your continued safety and avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Minimise excessive moisture

Another important aspect of timber deck care is to avoid placing pot plants on your deck. Continual watering of pots introduces excessive moisture onto the deck which can over time penetrate the timber, causing it to rot.

Regular Termite Inspections

Another important aspect of your timber deck care is to ensure your deck area is included during your regular termite inspections and treatments.

Keep your deck oiled

The timber used to construct your deck has been pre-treated on all sides with FeastWatson® Traditional Decking Oil prior to construction.  After construction, a further two coats of FeastWatson® Decking Oil need to be applied. This may have been done for you if it was included in your contract.  A further coat will be required within 3 months if your flooring is exposed to the weather (not covered by a roof).

Periodically you will need to clean and reapply an oil treatment to penetrate and nourish the timber.  This will revitalize the timber and create a durable protection barrier to keep that beautiful natural finish.  See below for further details.


Preparation is the key.  The first step is to clean your deck with FeastWatson® Woodclean.cabots cleaning a deck image

  •  Dilute in water by mixing 1 part Woodclean to 4 parts water. Stir diluted mixture thoroughly.
  • Apply FeastWatson® Woodclean to dampened timber and scrub surface vigorously with a stiff bristle brush or broom. Keep surface damp with the Woodclean solution for 20 minutes, allowing the solution to penetrate the surface during this time.
  • After 20 minutes has elapsed rinse thoroughly with high – pressure water.
  • Allow the surface to dry completely before applying further products.

Note: Protect nearby paint, plants and other surfaces with plastic sheeting or wet first and rinse immediately after. Woodclean may cause erosion of some timber sealants and fillers, test surface prior to application.with a stiff bristled scrubbing brush or broom.

Using the right product for the job makes a huge difference to the outcome. We use and recommend:


FeastWatson woodcleanFeastWatson® Woodclean

Cleans and rejuvenates new and old timber and prepares timber for coating by removing dirt, oils, grease and other contaminants.

COVERAGE:  1 litre of Deck Clean diluted with four parts water will treat 20m2

CLEAN UP:  Water

REAPPLY: 20 minutes (if required)

Once your deck is dry from cleaning, it is now ready for coating.

  •  Stir your can of decking oil thoroughly with a broad, coating application picflat paddle.
  •  Using a decking oil applicator, apply liberally along the entire length of the board, coating 2-3 boards at a time.
  •  Coat the edges and end grain with a brush.
  •  Wait the appropriate time between coats (refer to product guidelines).
  •  Apply a second coat.
  •  Allow to dry completely before using the deck area.


FW decking oilFeastWatson® Decking Oil

A hard wearing, semi-transparent timber finish that enhances the natural beauty of timber whilst protecting it from Australia’s harsh conditions. The rich ingredients in the modified oil formula penetrate deeply to nourish the timber, replicating it’s natural defences against the effects of aging. With added water, UV, and mould resistant properties, Decking Oil weathers naturally over time and will not crack or peel.


Decking Oil is convenient to apply as it is fast drying, has low odour and all application equipment can be cleaned up with water. The durable low sheen finish is easy to clean to keep your deck looking good between coats, and future maintenance coats can be applied without complicated preparation or sanding.

COVERAGE:  8-12mper litre

RECOAT: After 4 hours

NUMBER OF COATS: Apply 2 coats


DRY TIME: 12 hours

Feast watson product rangeTo see the full FeastWatson® product range, visit FeastWatson® website at: http://www.feastwatson.com.au/


Download a product brochure:



Cabots aquadeck imageCabots natural decking oil imagedabots deck clean




For Cabots® product information, how-to guides and instructional videos, visit Cabots® website at:


Link to Cabots Aquadeck quantity calculator:  http://cabots.com.au/product-detail/1300/Aquadeck

Other brands and products are available.  Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine suitability of the chosen product and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for preparation and application.

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