Deck Disasters

We have all seen disasters on the news where decks have collapsed and people have been injured or killed.  It is our observation from many years of inspecting decks of all shapes and sizes that the overriding facts of deck collapses or potential failure are a direct result of:

Poorly designed and constructed decks.

This is due to improper or sub-standard construction methods, use of inappropriate materials and the use of materials that are not suitable for outdoor use.

Little or no maintenance

Decks live outside in the elements. Failure to provide even basic maintenance can be disastrous.

The following extracts are from the Department of Infrastructure and Planning:

“Building owners especially need to consider risks and consequences arising from an injury or death associated with a failing balustrade or deck, which is proven to be in poor condition or illegally built.”

“In Queensland from 1999 to 2008 more than 20 people died and hundreds injured after falling from decks or balconies, or as a result of deck or balcony collapse.  Had people been more aware of the dangers associated with elevated areas and the importance of adequate maintenance of decks and balconies, some of these deaths and injuries may have been prevented.”

So, be aware and don’t get caught.  Take a few precautions as follows:


Choose a reputable builder


Check that the materials the builder is using are correct for the application


Make sure the builder arranges QBCC Insurance on your construction

Here are a few examples we have come across:

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