Make the most of our Queensland climate and relaxed lifestyle with a practical, functional, custom built deck or outdoor area.  With your safety in mind, we use only the best materials and build it the right way so you can truly relax and enjoy your new space.

Custom Designs

It is all about lifestyle, creating outdoor areas that give you space and a place to relax and enjoy your leisure time.  All are individually designed to your requirements, blending with existing structures in a way that truly adds value to your home.

Top Quality Materials

All materials are carefully selected for suitability, durability, look and style. We use Merbau / Kwila, a high quality, strong and durable hardwood perfect for timber decking and other outside use. Brackets, supports and fixings are either galvanised or stainless steel as required to suit your application.

Made to Measure

We do not “fit to a kit size” here.  Every project is a hand made custom fit to the exact size, shape, height and depth.  Materials are carefully selected to suit, with options for roofs and the style and colour of your handrails or balustrade.

Quality Build

When we do something, we do it properly.  Safety is a huge priority to us.  We use the right materials in the right application and sound construction methods that you can rely on now and for a long time in the future.

What we do…….

Merbau timber deck

Timber Decks

Timber decks look great, and provide clean, comfortable outdoor living spaces that, if properly maintained, are long lasting and add significant value to your home.  Our timber of choice is Merbau for its high degree of strength and durability.  It is a hardwood derived largely from areas in South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, and North Queensland.  Certification and chain of custody systems, including DNA tracking, provides assurance that the timber is from legal and/or well managed forests.  Our decking timber comes pre-oiled.  Additional oil treatments are required on completion.  We can do this for you, or if you are looking to keep your costs down, it is something you can easily do for yourself.

Merbau timber deck

Roofed Decks

Putting a roof on your new deck is a great option, particularly in our South East Queensland climate.  Innovative insulated roofing panels provide a roof, insulation and ceiling-like panel all in one.  This type of roof  has superior spanning capabilities and provides outstanding cooling performance.  While more expensive, the increased comfort level under the roof, reduce rain noise and flow on benefit of aiding to cool the interior of your home make it well worth considering.  If you are on a tight budget, consider a non-insulated roof.  Clear panels can be inserted to provide additional light if needed.  There are lots of options.

Merbau timber deck


Gazebos are freestanding and can be partly enclosed or  open on all sides. They provide shade, shelter, and a decorative feature in the garden.  They are also custom designed, and can be built at ground level, or elevated to capture views and breezes.  We offer similar roof choices as with our decks.  Walkways or ramps can be built to lead the way to your new outdoor area.

Merbau timber deck


We are up for the challenge.  Staircases and walkways are purpose designed and engineered to get you to where you need to go safely and in style.  We also offer a choice of handrails and safety gates can be installed if required.

Merbau timber deck

Ramps and Elevated Walkways

Ramps and elevated walkways can be built to provide easy access.  They are custom designed, allowing adequate width for wheelchair access.  Ramps are built with a gradient in accordance with Australian Standards, providing just the right slope for easy access for the disabled.  Options include roofing and safety handrails, all custom designed to make your life that little bit easier.

Retaining walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are sometimes needed, particularly on steep blocks or where different levels or terraces are created.  We can do that for you too!  There are a variety of options available, including treated hardwood sleepers.  Your Add A Dek consultant will be able to advise what could work best for you.

Deck care

Deck Care

Find out about our 10 year structural warranty and the secret to keeping your deck looking great for a long time to come......

deck falling apart

Deck Disasters

Decks that have not been maintained, are poorly built or built from inappropriate materials are dangerous. Don't let this happen to you! .....

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